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Will your company live to see 2015?

Like living creatures, organizations have a strong instinct for survival. Despite this, many companies run the risk to go extinct. What does your company need to survive? Three essential elements are: ·       Products that meet market demands; ·       Customers willing to buy your products; ·       A healthy profit margin on your products. In this article […]

How Big Data is going to seriously disrupt P2P

During Lakran’s P2P Innovation Experience, held on May 25th 2016, some very exciting breakout sessions took place. Four teams enthusiastically took up the challenge to invent innovative applications for P2P, based on four technological trends: Networked Economy, User Experience, Internet of Things and Big Data. I had the pleasure, together with Daphne Reurslag (Coupa), Robert-Jan […]

P2P is dead. Long live…

The best practice in process improvements is thinking in end-to-end processes. And rightly so. It prevents us from starting improvement initiatives on a small scale, limited to the silo of a function or department. Instead, you would like to improve processes across departments and systems. If possible even across the borders of the own organization, […]

“Pull the Zipper”

In my last blog post (see here) I mentioned an essential prerequisite for procurement excellence: integration of sourcing and P2P. In this post I will elaborate on the way sourcing and P2P can collaborate to ensure successful contract implementation. Procurement theory tends to give the impression that a sourcing project and contract implementation are sequential […]